Residential HVAC Design

Tekneca performs the ACCA-certified residential heating and cooling system design process, which is a proven method that has been successfully used for residential applications in all climate zones.  These are Building Code and Permit required methods used to calculate, size, design, and select your heating and cooling system.


  • Manual J – Residential Load Calculations
  • Manual S – Residential Equipment Selection
  • Manual D – Residential Duct Design
  • REScheck – Residential Energy Code Compliance

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Welcome to Tekneca HVAC Design

Residential HVAC Design and Calculations

Whether you are an HVAC Contractor, Architect, Engineer, Home Builder, Residential Designer or Homeowner, Tekneca can provide the HVAC calculations needed to properly size and design an HVAC System.  We specialize in Residential Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation designs with fast, friendly, and professional service.

Our Goal is to understand our client’s needs and fulfill these needs by ensuring on time delivery and providing accurate and detailed calculations and drawings.  Our Design Objective is to design a mechanical system that achieves the proper design temperature conditions and keeps the home’s occupants comfortable and safe.

With over 25-years of experience in the HVAC, Construction, Residential Building and Design fields, Tekneca is thoroughly qualified to handle all your HVAC Design, Drawing and Permit needs.  Tekneca understands the workings, components and requirements of an HVAC system and is extremely knowledgeable in how it integrates and performs within the building.

We perform HVAC calculations and designs, including the Load Calculations, which take into consideration the whole building requiring the system, the location it is in, and its orientation.  These calculations are used to determine the required heating and cooling loads for the whole house or each individual room, design the ductwork, and select the optimal equipment.

Tekneca uses the ACCA approved software MiTek Wrightsoft to attain the thorough HVAC Design and Calculations.  MiTek Wrightsoft is an industry leading premier software that complies with ACCA design standards and meets building code requirements.  This, combined with our experience and dedication, allows us to produce results in compliance with our rigorous standards and attention to detail.

Manual J
Residential Load Calculations

Manual J is the national standard for calculating HVAC heating and cooling loads for residential homes. It factors in items such as square footage, insulation levels, doors and windows, local climate, the orientation of the building, number of occupants, and construction materials. A proper load calculation, performed in accordance with the Manual J procedure, is required by national building codes and most state and local jurisdictions.

ANSI Manual J Cover
ANSI Manual S Cover

Manual S
Residential Equipment Selection

Once you have load calculations based on Manual J, the HVAC designer will be able to choose the proper HVAC equipment. Manual S takes you through the selection and sizing process of the heating and cooling equipment to meet those loads. Manual S procedures emphasize the importance of using manufacturers’ performance data to find the appropriate equipment that will satisfy the load requirements. Manual S is a nationally recognized industry standard and a proven method for equipment selection that will ensure occupant satisfaction.

Manual D
Residential Duct Systems

Manual D works in conjunction with Manual J and S to produce correct sizing and design for residential ductwork. This ACCA method is used to design the overall duct layout of the system including determining the sizes of all the ducts and how the system will deliver the heating and cooling air. Manual D provides a schematic drawing of your duct system layout, displaying equipment location, duct trunk and branch runs and sizes, and registers and grilles. Performing a Manual D HVAC design creates a system that will deliver the right amount of air throughout your house, thus ensuring that your heating and cooling system is providing maximum efficiency and comfort.

ANSI Manual D Cover

Why Choose Tekneca?

  • Experience

ACCA Certified in Residential System Design. Manuals J, S, D.
MiTek Wrightsoft Right-Suite Universal

    • Essentials & Advanced Training, MiTek-Wrightsoft Right-University Training.

HVAC Design Master Training.
Years of HVAC Experience & Attained Knowledge.

  • ACCA Approved Software

Tekneca uses software by MiTek Wrightsoft, which is an original ACCA Technical Partner with a 30+ year relationship.

  • On-Time Delivery

Upon receiving your required information, our services are completed and delivered to you in a timely manner.

  • Load Calculations

Load Calculations that adhere to industry standards and best practices, not rules of thumb, thus ensuring correct results and Designs that are sized properly for maximum efficiency.

  • Work With CAD & PDF Drawings

Send us your CAD or PDF drawings, we can work with both.

How it Works

  • Order Online

    Submit plans, specifications, and information online via our electronic project form, phone, or email.

  • Contact

    We will contact you and go over the details of the project and verify pricing.

  • Billing

    Once we have your approval we will send you an invoice and service due date.

  • We Run The Calculations

    We take your information and generate the applicable reports and drawings using our ACCA approved software.

  • We Deliver Your Report

    Once your reports and drawings are generated and checked we deliver them to you through email.

  • We Communicate

    We communicate with you to answer any questions you may have.


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