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Detailed Information: For the project to get started and be properly completed, we first need as much applicable detailed project information as possible. Accuracy of information matters when it comes to calculating and designing a system. Please be as accurate and detailed as possible when submitting your project’s information to us.

Step 1: How to Submit for an ACCA Manual J, S, & D Project and REScheck

Project Information Form (below):

  • Fill out the Client Information and the Project Information pages.
    Optional: Fill out the remaining Information pages.
  • File Upload: The last page of the Project Information Form is where you Upload Files of your Project.
    Upload Documents, Building Plans/Blueprints, and Information.
  • Click Submit

Step 2: Once Tekneca HVAC Design receives your submitted Project Information Form:

  • Tekneca will review the information you have submitted on your Project Information Form.
  • If any additional information or clarification is required, Tekneca will send an email to you.
  • Once all questions (if any) have been answered, Tekneca will then email a quote to you.
  • If you decide to have Tekneca perform the quoted services for you, then please respond to the Quote email and Tekneca will then email you an Invoice.
  • Review the Invoice and call Tekneca if you have any questions, or if everything is okay then please make the payment.
  • The payment system is set up so you can simply pay right online.
  • Once the Services are complete, Tekneca will email them to you.

Step 3: What if Changes are Needed:

  • Tekneca allows for one (1) future revision of Design Services (Services that Tekneca performed) for you, of up to 1.0 hours at no charge. If the Project Information Form and the Blueprints (Plans) are correct, most clients do not need a revision.
  • Building Permit requirements, if your municipal permit office has requested changes or additions to the Manual J, S, D or REScheck services Tekneca performed, please call us immediately and Tekneca will assist you in handling these requirements.

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